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Walk & Talk Therapy

Integrative Counsellor

What is walk and talk

Walk and talk therapy is a variation of traditional counselling but experienced outdoors. So instead of being together in a counselling room we can walk and talk together in one of the local parks of your choice.

You should not expect a power walk or any sort of personal training. The emphasis is on the therapy and the walk is secondary.

Walking releases endorphins that can help to improve moods and help some clients feel less anxious when working through difficult issues.

How I work

When walking together you set the pace of the session. You may prefer to stop and sit on a bench for a short while the choice is yours.


I am happy to walk in all weathers unless they are extreme weathers i.e. heavy snow, high winds or a heat wave.

Pre Assessment

An official assessment is required. This will take place at the complementary therapy clinic in Brentwood or Online. This is to establish if this type of therapy is for you and it also gives you a chance to decide if you wish to work with me.

Initial assessment is for 30 minutes at the cost of £25. Sensible and comfortable footwear is essential.

I won’t be able to fix things for you or tell you what to do but I can walk beside you on your personal journey until the path becomes easier.

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